A bag can have many different uses and it is the purpose for which it is used that actually defines the bag. One might have heard of many types of carry bags or even shopping bags but there is another kind which is made as per custom specifications mentioned by the buyer. These are bank bags which are used for the specific purpose of carrying currency to banks and financial institutions. When such institutes or even large companies deal in cash and need to transfer cash between two or more locations then they make use of these custom money bags.

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The reason behind making use of such custom made security bags is to ensure that the cash is kept safe from natural elements such as water or wind and that it does not get tampered with. The money gets secured when it is wrapped up in such deposit bags and transferring it between different locations becomes easy. Such bags are especially used by banks and financial institutions. They are made of a specially selected material which is strong and has a higher level of resistance. In a similar manner, investigative agencies such as the police or the crime scene investigators make use of special bags which are known as evidence bags. An evidence bag is made of plastic which is very thick and which can be sealed once the contents have been filled. The seal helps in keeping its contents safe from tampering as well as contamination so that analysis can be carried out easily. They are also seen as tamper evident bags because when they get tampered with it can be easily detected.

Apart from all these types of custom bags there is one more which is used by people and many companies which is the coin bag. Coin bags are used to carry and transfer coins, as the name suggests. They are meant and manufactured to be able to carry the weight of metal coins and so that they do not break or tear in transit. Likewise, one can also use cash bags when a small number of currency notes need to be transferred from one location to another.


The main purpose behind having so many kinds of different bags is that the material and the contents of the bag can be kept safe. Bank deposit bags in particular are made with a specific set of instructions where many times the bank even gets its name embossed on the bag for ease of identification. The benefit that one gets by using such custom made bags is that they are bio degradable and the contents can be kept secure at all times. They prevent losses to the company or the bank that is making use of them. Companies who manufacture such custom bags also undertake to provide many services which are technological advanced in the realm of security and keeping tampering of evidence or the contents of the bag at bay.

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