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Any police investigation is fuelled by evidence. The authenticity as well as accuracy of the findings of any research and analysis work is driven the proofs found in support of the theories being put forth. The integrity of these samples and evidence materials is therefore of paramount importance. From police evidence to scientific sampling there is one irrefutable fact in any protocol - the initial security of the sample and subsequent chain of custody can have ramifications for years into the future. The validity of the theories and conclusions being drawn from the evidence collected is often challenged on the basis of the security measures in place to protect the evidence and samples.


This is why evidence bags play a hugely important role in the course of any police investigation. These are specially designed solutions provided to comprehensive protection and tamper prevention for the contents stored inside the bag. These police evidence bags are great for storage and transportation and even provide for record keeping facilities that will allow professionals to keep track of everyone who had custody of it. These solutions play a hugely important role in the smooth flow of any criminal investigation.

And that is not the only application where evidence bags have been found to be useful. Scientific studies and archaeological explorations require the collection, preservation and storage of samples of all kinds. This collected material needs to be recorded, protected as well as kept safe from tampering and damage. The theories being tested and the conclusions being drawn from a particular study will depend on the maintenance of the integrity of these samples. The actual viability of these findings can later be challenged if any discrepancies are found in the collection and preservation of this evidence.


There are many features that professionals look for in the evidence bags they wish to use in their investigations and studies. Here is a basic round up of the most important ones..

The bags should be manufactured with state of the art technology and in accordance with the latest accepted standards of evidence and tracking.


They should provide for sequential serial numbering of the bags including bar codes and other forms of tracking and keeping record of the contents inside.

The evidence bags should also provide for recording the chain of custody so that the data of every person who has ever handled the bag is actively maintained.


Tamper protection and alerting features are also a must. It should be clearly visible that someone has tried to open or harm the bag, unauthorised.

There should also be features that allow for coordinating and maintaining multiple samples in order of collection.


In the end, these are highly professional tools that play a hugely important role in the smooth working of many processes and procedures. Evidence bags lend the requisite authenticity to any investigation and should therefore be selected carefully.

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