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There are many industries that depend on the use of tools like evidence bags and storage kits to ensure that the samples and articles being collected are kept safe. The very name of the tool is indicator enough of their importance in the crime investigation and law and order function. The viability of any prosecution theory depends on the use of the best and most effective measures to preserve the evidence being collected as proof by the detectives. But that is not all that these bags are useful for. The scientific community depends heavily on evidence bags as well. The collection and preservation of samples in a study is paramount to ensure that the results being generated are accurate and viable. You can very well understand how important a role is played by these tools in the world of sample collection and storage.


This is why if you are out there to buy evidence bags from the market, you must be aware of what will be the best product to purchase. There are many companies working in the field these days and they offer a wide range of evidence storage solutions in their catalogue. These products come with a wide range of features and you should therefore be aware of what it is that you need for your requirements. Here is a basic list of features that you should look for in the evidence bag you are considering to buy.

Make sure that the product you are looking at has been manufactured from high quality materials. Even the most elaborate of security features will not mean a thing if the structural integrity of the bag isn't strong enough to protect the contents inside.


You should also ensure that you are well aware of the latest standards accepted in your field of work when it comes to evidence collection and sample storage. This will give you a clear idea of the features that should be present mandatorily in the evidence bag you are considering.

The bag should have overt tamper evident features to ensure that handlers are expressly made aware of any unauthorised use or opening of its locking mechanism. The "ALERT/VOID" indicating tape closure system is also an integral security feature to have.


The bags should also facilitate professionals in managing the samples and keeping record of the evidence facts associated with it. Features range from sequential serial numbering of the bags including bar codes to the unique roll package which maintains the serial numbers of each Security Bag in numerical order - a valuable tool for coordinating and maintaining multiple samples in order of collection.

Chain of custody is an important aspect of the evidence storage system that should be actively maintained and recorded. Your evidence bag must offer features to facilitate this function.


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