There are many ways in which we make use of tamper evident bags in our lives. And for some people like restaurant owners, banking professionals, or armoured car guards, work will simply come to a standstill if these tools aren't available at their disposal. It is basically a question of keeping the contents inside the bag safe from alteration and tampering. And with the current climate of malice, miscreants are finding new and more diabolical ways to break rules. Tools like tamper proof bags stand as a safeguard against such antics.

Let us look at the five most important features of tamper evident bags that you should be watching out for in order to get the best use from the tool.


"VOID" tamper evident seal

This is an important feature to look for in a tamper evident bag. Once the bag is sealed with the contents inside, it should clearly indicate the occurrence of any attempts to tamper with it. If anyone tries to open the bag without consent, the attempt should result in a very evident marker such as "VOID", "OPENED", or "TAMPERED WITH". In fact, there are bags in the market that come equipped with a thermo chromatic seal. One advanced technique criminals use to tamper with these bags is to freeze or melt the glue and reseal it once the contents have been removed. But with this type of seal in place, whenever this method of tampering is applied, there is a change in colour on the seal that is clearly indicative of unauthorised opening.


Bar coding and sequential numbering

These features are important for efficient storage, tracking and recording of the bag in question. The code should be present at least twice on the bag for easy identification. In fact, for bags used in financial transactions, the 'give and get' policy is used extensively throughout the world. In case the bar code doesn't match, the bag should be reported immediately.


Tear Off receipt

This simple addition to a tamper proof bag ensures that there is a paper trail associated with each transaction. The receipt is a great tool to record proper amounts, dates and parties that are handling the bag in question.


Top and Bottom Fold Over Construction

Always go for bags that have only one place from where they can be opened, usually along a dotted line that says 'cut here'. If the bag is opened from any other side, it can be construed as an act of tampering. Plus, with fold over construction, it can be ensured that thieves do not end up opening the bag without the act getting noticed. Simple yet effective solutions!


Tamper evident graphics all over

Playing with the mindset of the thief or criminal is one of the most effective ways of safeguarding the contents inside. If the bag comes with "Tamper Evident' graphics printed all over it, chances are that any miscreant will think twice before opening it.


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