The banking system is dependent on many small, yet indispensible items that help the entire industry function and perform on a daily basis. One of these objects happens to be cash bags – tamper evident containers designed to hold and transfer its contents safely, keeping them secured from unauthorised opening and damage. These bags are made to hold cash, coin, valuable documents, evidence, and anything else that you want to store or ship that needs to be secure.

No matter what type of financial valuables you are planning to store in them, cash bags will provide you with the best holding and transportation medium. There are many features they offer which make them ideal for these sensitive applications. Let us analyse them closely to understand how they can prove to be useful to you.


Most cash bags come with tamper evident features that ensure that the sender and receiver of the contents are aware of the occurrence of any unauthorised opening or tampering while in transit. This helps them in preventing many unexpected losses which might occur if the receiver might accept the consignment without the knowledge that the contents have been tampered with.

Tamper evidence facilities in cash bags can be provided in many ways. Some show a VOID or STOP message if the seal is broken, other tamper evident bags may not have a message but make it very obvious when tampered with.


Cash bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes in the market and can be chosen on the basis of the requirements of the user. The thickness of the bag is also an important consideration to be looking at. The larger the bag, the more thick it will because it will be holding a large volume of contents. The gauge is the thickness. Usually a larger bag such as a 20 x 28 will have a thicker gauge because it will be holding more material.

Thickness will also be determined on the basis of the contents that will be placed inside. If the cash bag has been designed for holding coins, it will obviously be thicker than its counterparts as its contents will be much heavier than the rest.


Some cash bags can hold 40 - 50 pounds of heavy coins, and usually range in sizes from 9 x 17 to 13 x 22. To make handling the bag easier for the carrier, they are often equipped with handles and a stronger thickness gauge.

When you are looking at cash bags designed for holding currency notes, you will discover that they will provide a nifty cash strap. Each strap is built to hold 100 notes. This means that a 5 strap bag will have the capacity to hold 500 notes and so on. They ensure that the cash inside remains secure in all circumstances and doesn't come loose, even when the bag itself has sustained heavy damage and tear.


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Linc Scofield is an expert in security bags, evidence bags and other specialty bags that find use in some very specific situations. He also loves to write many informative articles and blogs about these products, enumerating their features and listing out the various ways in which they can come in handy.

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